How to brew Loose Leaf Tea

How to brew Loose Leaf Tea

Achieve the ultimate tea experience with our guide to perfection.

Heat Water

For optimal flavor and caffeine content, different loose teas require specific brewing temperatures. To ensure a perfect brew, start by filling the kettle with fresh cold water. Black and rooibos tea should be steeped at approximately 212°F (100°C), while green and herbal tea prefer a temperature range of 175-180°F (79-82°C). Oolong or white tea, on the other hand, should be steeped at around 195°F (90°C). If you don't have a thermometer, don't worry! Simply pour boiling water over black and rooibos tea, wait for 3 minutes after boiling for green and herbal tea, and allow 5-7 minutes before brewing oolong tea.


The required amount of loose tea is determined by personal preference. For beginners, a general guideline is one teaspoon of tea per eight ounces of water. As you gain experience, you can adjust the quantity to suit your preferred strength. 


To ensure each tea leaf is fully saturated and to achieve a more flavorful brew, carefully pour hot water over the tea leaves. Alternatively, you can add your herbs to a pot or kettle of boiling water, stirring well to ensure the tea absorbs the water completely and does not float on top. The steeping time for loose tea blends may vary, so be sure to consult the instructions.



Black Tea

2-3 Min

Green Tea

2-3 Min

Herbal Tea

3-5 Min

White Tea

2-3 Min



Remove Tea Leaves after steeping, sweeten with sugar or honey if desired and enjoy your delicious cup of tea.


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